Nestled in the hills of the Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio are sister ski resorts Boston Mills and Brandywine. They won’t be on the seasoned rider’s radar for world class riding but they will be mountains to the naive Midwest 11 year old. In a move of appreciation to my hometown resort growing up, I decided to give these ski resorts a proper rebrand.
BMBW are largely hills with fairly quick runs accompanying a few parks to have fun and train on. The snow and weather in the area is temperamental so the staff does their best to make snow when possible and keep the runs in good groomed shape. The resorts can almost be viewed as arcades for the younger demographic providing hours of freedom, quick bursts of action and plenty of fun with friends and family while providing an athletic element.
An Arcade for the Active is the direction I developed. I took cues of the bright and beautiful 1970s-80s arcade games with plenty of colorful elements on display. I created a design system to be used across all of their channels that can be interchanged and experimented with that all ages can enjoy.
Client: Boston Mills - Brandywine
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
(This project is entirely spec and is no way endorsed by Peak Resorts, Boston Mills or Brandywine)